Zipline Fun Xtreme Review

Zipline Fun Xtreme ReviewZip Line Fun Zip Line Ride On Xtreme 35-feet, 70-feet and 90-feet

To many people, ziplining is something that is scary and downright terrifying. Children, in particular, are usually so apprehensive about trying it out. With the Zipline Fun Xtreme, you could change this perception and make them realize what a fun activity it is.

How Much?

The price of Zipline Fun Xtreme depends on the length of the zipline system you will get. The 35-feet zipline costs $59.99 while the 70-feet one is priced at $109.99. If you want more length, there is also the 90-feet zipline, and it comes in two variants, costing $164.99, respectively.

To sum up, there are 3 of best selling Zip Line Ride Ons from Zip Line Fun.

  • Zip Line Fun ZL35 Zip Line Ride On, 35′, Yellow Trolley: $59.99
  • Zip Line Fun ZL70 Zip Line Ride On, 70′, Green Trolley: $109.99
  • Zip Line Fun ZL90 Ride On, 90′, Blue Trolley: $164.99

Who Would Buy The Zipline Fun Xtreme?

Anyone who loves the experience of ziplining but does not have the time or resources to go to a place that provides this activity will find the Zipline Fun Xtreme a very good alternative. Adults who want to instill in younger children a love for the outdoors and physical and thrilling activities should also consider getting any of these zipline systems.

Things We Like About The Zip Line Fun Zip Line Ride On Xtreme

We also greatly appreciate how the makers of Zipline Fun Xtreme made it available in three different lengths. This means that people of all ages can actually enjoy it, since they can freely pick the length that is most suitable for them.

And it is not just the age and size of the people that will go on the zipline that is considered here. Not everyone has a wide backyard to set up the zipline system, so it helps to have shorter ziplines because even those with limited space can still get to enjoy the experience.

Safety is not going to be an issue with the Zipline Fun Xtreme. It features galvanized Air Craft Cable and has clear indications of the weight limits. For example, the 35-feet zipline has a weight limit of 125 lbs, so if you exceed that, you know better than to get on the zipline. The trolley handles are also very easy to grip, so holding on is not going to be a problem.

Another good thing about this is its easy setup. Sure, some assembly will be required, but it is not a complicated process. All it takes is to attach cables between two trees or any stable support.

For those just starting out, there are also other easier and gentler zipline options for your zipline adventure:

Things We Did Not Like About The Zipline Fun Xtreme

This product checks out when it comes to functionality, safety and durability. So far, we cannot find any fault with it.


Zipline Fun Xtreme comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Is The Zipline Fun Xtreme Worth The Money?

Engaging your love for the outdoors and extreme physical activities is not really something that you can put a price on. For sure, you will not regret spending your money on this one.

Where Can I Buy?

You may purchase the Zipline Fun Xtreme directly from the manufacturer at their website. Or, as a more convenient and easier alternative, head on over to Amazon. Amazon is a great site for shopping for various products at great prices. They always offer discounts, and there is also the Free Shipping option, which will help you save tens of dollars in shipping and handling.

Final Thoughts For The Zipline Fun Xtreme

For a high-flying experience and an unforgettable adventure, zip away with the Zipline Fun Xtreme!

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