Top 10 Best STEM Toys For Kids


10 Best STEM Toys – A Step In The Right Direction

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, as such; STEM toys focus more on how these four subjects are interrelated and not so much on the subjects in isolation. The importance of STEM education lies in the fact that it emphasizes on problem solving and developing the associated skills even as the child enjoys himself; over and above that, STEM toys are tailor made with distinct objectives.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 bestselling STEM toys for kids you can buy today:

#1 – Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit

Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit are super fun kits for kids to use for educational purposes. They come in convenient packaging accompanied by snap circuit projects like modeling burglar alarms, doorbells and AM radios among other things. Learning electronics becomes super easy for 8 year old kids and above since they gain hands-on digital experience as they construct and build these models; this would otherwise be problematic if they just read about them.


#2 – GoldieBlox Craft-struction Box

The GoldieBlox Craft-struction Box gives the ultimate fun experience for kids even as they learn to explore scores of possibilities. It contains more than 275 pieces hence allows an adventurous kid to explore and construct as they develop engineering, problem solving and spatial expertise just to mention but a few. These construction toys are an enticement for girls since worldwide; boys outnumber girls in science and technology disciplines; an early interest in these subjects ensures a next generation of female engineers. Any parent should consider this toy an impeccable Christmas gift for their kids to develop curiosity.


#3 – Gravity Maze

It’s an amazing logic maze game that enables kids develop reasoning and visual perception skills, better still, it’s a fun game that’s easy to learn and apply. Gravity Maze helps kids to imagine solutions and experience them in action as they play and have fun! To effectively transfer the marble on its track to the correct target, the kid simply ensures the towers are accurately arranged. The game accommodates everyone, from the starter to an expert, given that it has 60 challenges for the beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.


#4 – Educational Insights Design & Drill BrightWorks

Design and drill BrightWorks offers amazing educational opportunities for your child! The game helps develop the child’s imagination and creativity as well as problem solving, synchronization and modeling. The little designer, while flipping a switch can create amazing designs using one of the 12 in built patterns. Using the gleaming bolts, the kid can generate an array of creations by basically using a power drill to drill them in. Even more interesting for the child, the created designs light up in the ark in translucent colors as the child watches! Great for a Christmas toy for ages 3 and above since the kid could spend a lot of time fastening and undoing the drill and this expands their imagination in the process; it also works perfectly just with the aid of batteries.


#5 – Roominate Amusement Park

Like other STEM toys, the Roominate Amusement park is an educational toy that helps kids build spatial, motor, creativity and problem solving skills. Amazingly, its well-matched with other Roominate merchandises hence exposes the child to scores of potentials. Having more than 250 pieces,the child can construct an amusement park with merry-go-round, huge wheels and many more things! Just to ensure the child has limitless creations, the Roominate is a combination of stands, circuits,modular furniture building pieces and walls. More intriguing is the capacity to motivate girls to delve into science and technology, engineering and mathematics. The toys work for a wide age range, between 6-12 years.


#6 – Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack

Kids have an amazing playtime with Dash and Dot! They have the opportunity to decide the manner in which they want to play. In the process of learning computer programming and problem solving skills, kids have a choice between playing with their made-up friends, hosting parties, adventuring among other exciting events. Remarkably, the kit comes completely assembled and the kid with the support of an ipad is good to go! Children can imagine anything that interests them using the Dash and Dot and the program will deliver given that it’s networked with the world using sensors.


#7 – Goobi 110 Piece Construction Set with Instruction Booklet

The Goobi construction set has won the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year award and is very appreciated for its contribution to the STEM leaning initiative. Intended for 3 years and above kids, the toy has the dual advantage of being educative and fun. It’s very simple and child friendly since it comes with an instruction booklet to help the kid learn proportionality and elementary architecture, mathematics and physics. It’s an ideal educational toy and equally meets safety requirements and extremely entertaining for the young ones.


#8 – Learning Resources Create-a-Maze

Learning Resources Create-a-Maze is a toy that challenges the brain hence develops creativity and an inquisitive mind in the child. Kids use different independent pieces together and use imagination to reach the goal. Kids enjoy the colorful pieces even as they try to analyze, plan and create solutions through trial and error. It’s an amazing game as they try creating challenging mazes each time which teases their brains to be critical thinkers, able to find solutions from different dimensions. The game is Ideal for ages 5 and above and for 1-4 players to make it more enjoyable.


#9 – Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set

Magformers rainbow would make a kids imagination to go wild! The STEM toy comprises 30 pieces (18 squares and 12 triangles) that create the possibility of a kid to make numerous shapes and figures. Meant for age 6 and above, the kit is geared towards a child learning motor skills and problem solving abilities. The kit has a vibrant color combination that link to the other and connects magnetically allowing the child to create as much as they can imagine. It creates fun figures and designs.


#10 – Makey Makey An Invention Kit for Everyone

Makey Makey is a Kit that turns objects used in everyday life into touchpads! The set up takes just a few seconds with just a connection to the internet and one doesn’t even need programming knowledge. It has a myriad of possibilities, with some activities being dancing, playing the piano, taking selfies among others. You only need to clip two objects to the Makey Makey keyboard, when you touch one object, a signal is sent and Makey recognizes Makey Makey like a regular keyboard or mouse. Luckily, any object that conducts electricity to a small bit can be sued as an object. This game is great for engineering, arts, sciences students among other creative disciplines.


Best STEM Toys In Summary

STEM educational toys are a step in the right direction as far as encouraging children to develop interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is concerned. They are both effective tools for school and home; the assortment of toys helps kids to be ready for higher level education. Overall, they are instrumental in encouraging innovation which is very useful for development in the future.

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