Neat-Oh! LEGO City ZipBin Toy Box and Playmat Review

Neat-Oh! LEGO City ZipBin Toy Box and Playmat ReviewNeat-Oh! LEGO City ZipBin 1000 Brick Medium Toy Box & Playmat

Is your child a LEGO fanatic? Ever stepped on one of those when you’re walking across the floor in bare feet? It’s not a pretty sight. LEGO has the answer for fast and easy clean up, not to mention storage. They created the Neat-Oh! LEGO City ZipBin Toy Box and Playmat for your son or daughter to use.

What is LEGO City Zipbin Storage Basket and Playmat?

This toy doesn’t actually come with any LEGOs inside, you need to buy those separately. But it’s the one item that will save you your sanity when you have a child who loves to tap into his or her imagination with building blocks of this nature.

Why LEGO City Zipbin

The box, which actually unfolds into a playmat, is easy to clean, so if your little one happens to be having a snack while playing, and spills, you won’t be stuck with a sticky, yucky mess.

Things We Like About The Neat-Oh LEGO City ZipBin 1000 Brick Medium Toy Box and Playmat

Neat-Oh LEGO City ZipBin Toy Box and Playmat ReviewThe zippers that help contain the pieces are heavy duty ones, so you don’t have to worry that they’re going to break off. Durability in toys is an important element for moms and dads who invest money in their children’s playtime.

The Neat Oh! LEGO City Toy Box and Playmat is easy to unfold and put back together. Your child has an instant cityscape to use for his or her creations. When they’re all done playing, you can have them zip it back up and then stack it neatly out of the way so it’s not an eyesore.

neat-oh zipbinMany parents buy this toy box for their kids who own an array of the LEGO City packages, like the Police Unit, Space Shuttle, Fire ATV and Forest Station sets. But you don’t have to own any of those to enjoy the playmat’s cityscape. You can use it with any of the LEGO line toys.

This LEGO toy box is able to hold thousands of LEGO bricks, and it only weighs 1 ½ pounds when empty. The mat is 29×26 inches when laid out flat on the floor – just the right space for your little one to create his or her own environment.

LEGO City ZipBinOn the Neat Oh! LEGO playmat, your kid will see a roadway, police unit, construction area, helicopter – and in the background, the skyline of a major city, so he can pretend he’s the new sheriff (or mayor) in town, ready to take care of his citizens!

Final Thoughts For The LEGO City Zipbin Storage Basket and Playmat

If your child’s LEGO sets are starting to get out of control and all over the place, it’s time to invest in a tool that serves a dual purpose – to help you maintain an organized house, and help your child keep track of (and easy access to) his or her LEGOs.

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