How To Choose Right Toys & Games For Your Baby

How To Choose Right Toys And Games For Your Baby

How to choose the right games and toys for your babies? Arouse curiosity, to discover the world, to share with others … Toddlers grow, learn and develop their minds through play. The first age toys offer children a playful way of understanding the world around them. Gradually they learn to know themselves, to share, to understand their environment.

The first baby toys to the first steps of your child, discover all the practical tips to remember to choose toys for your children according to each stage of their development.

The 7 Criteria For Selecting Toys & Games

Exactly what should be your criteria when picking the very best toys & games offered available? Look listed below:

1. Your Needs

Baby starts to touch, to feel, to follow the gaze, to his teeth and listening to each sound? Main activity of toddlers, the game allows them to express themselves otherwise. Many toys offer infancy to toddlers a fun way to awaken their senses. How to choose the toy that suits 1st age baby’s growth? Follow these three steps to choose toys for your child first month after month.

Start by associating the age of your child with his first interests. His personality will stream you go towards Common toys that best suit your baby. A good toy is, also and above all adapted to the stage of development of the child. Because the game is also a way to learn, choose toys according to their different objectives: mirror toys for getting to know at first, toys to awaken the senses and motor skills, toys to share.

Siblings, older or younger babies … Remember to take into account the number and age of all your children. Surrounded by his siblings, baby will certainly want to do as adults siblings. Be sure to choose toys paced your child.

2. Choose Baby Toys

Mobile and play mats, rattles, activity tables, walkers, chairs, comforters first … There is a wide variety of toys 1st age to choose according to the stage of development of your baby.

How not to be mistaken? These are, above all, the preferences of your child to help you decide between a ladybug carrier rather than a model bee shape for example. You will find information on the age of baby toys. It is then easier to make the right choice and select safe toys for toddlers.

Even small, your baby is just beginning to discover the world. To stimulate the senses, choose simple toys, such as mobile, so as not to tire him too. Gradually, it will focus on shapes, colors and sounds. Feel free at this point to offer him toys that he can catch as rattles, rings and play mats.

Later, baby will be creative. This is the period of construction sets. Opt for stacking toys such as infancy puzzles, activity tables or large cubes. If your baby is becoming more independent, it is the imitation games that will interest the most. Small cars, tea sets, dolls … He will have fun imitating the adults around!

3. 0-6 Months Baby Toys

Even if all the baby’s senses have not yet manifested, it is essential to offer an environment for its awakening. Up to three months, opt for simple toys made of natural rubber, cuddly cloth, geometric toys with faces and mirrors. These first toys stimulate newborns without rushing.

Your child marvels deal with different shapes and colors? Offer him a blanket cloth, an animal tissue or a mobile arousal, especially if it begins to follow objects with his eyes. If he tries to catch the objects, feel free to take a slight rattle him with a large ring. Thus, it can easily enter and bring it to his mouth to chew. Know that there are models of simple and quiet rattles designed for infants.

Around 5-6 months, baby is interested more and more in colors, movements, sounds and the textures. The colorful rattles, sound, equipped with elements from several shapes and soft toys to cuddle will delight the most curious infants.

4. 6-9 Months Baby Toys

Let’s go ! Your baby is determined to discover its environment. Around 6-7 months, it chews everything in sight, grab objects between his thumb and index finger, begins to sit, reacts to sounds … Must-toys captivate their attention and help to complete each step fun.

With music boxes, lint, and soils toys such as play mats, baby can grasp objects of different shapes and colors, or press buttons for listening to music. You will also find pictures of activities to install on the cradle. Your child can trigger the different functions of the toy by tapping the feet. So, he learns that his actions cause reactions!

Baby loves to run, remove and stack objects? It is in phase construction sets. The cubes construction, small plastic balls, shaped boxes, puzzles and 1st age books are all activities that fit this milestone.

Moment of complicity between parents and baby, the bath is also a great time to learn, especially for lovers of water. Puzzles bath, floating animals, toys that make splash water … There are many fun bath toys to choose from depending on the preferences of your children.

5. 9-12 Months Baby Toys

Great discoveries begin and your baby takes its first steps towards autonomy. He finally moves on all fours, and then gradually try to stand and walk, holding the bars of his crib and along the walls.

To help him take his first steps, opt for a carrier, a trotter or pusher. There are patterns 3 1 to suit these different steps. Others come with melodies and sounds that your baby will have fun to imitate.

Yes, it reproduces the sounds he hears, the gestures of the biggest and start talking! Waking books, balloons, dolls and stuffed animals that talk and sing, musical toys, toy cars or toy-shaped phone will allow baby to create his own universe from its various observations.

6. 12-36 Months Baby Toys

Increasingly curious baby wants to do as adults. Walk, eat, dress himself … He goes from autonomy to independence. Carriage, pram, baby walker car or truck … The pull toys and push are perfect to discover the world, imitating parents and improve traction. Often, once a year, your children will demand small cars and circuits, dolls or even tea sets. This is the age of imitation games and learning of life!

Feeding their own baby, comb and dress dolls, these are the main activities that attract girls in general. The boys, meanwhile, will love rather play with toy cars. However, girls and boys enjoy the big dominoes, large plastic bricks, blocks, large pieces of puzzles … only obligation, always check that the selected models suitable for children under 36 months.

Your child loves animal noises, reproduced words, starts to count, recognize colors and sounds. Small pianos, microphones and record speakers, tablets, interactive books, baby Smartphones promote the learning of words and speech. These musical and multimedia toys allow children to develop concentration, logic and creativity of toddlers.

7. Security

Safety standards, rules of use and maintenance: childcare articles and therefore the first age toys are in constant contact with toddlers. The following tips can help you avoid accidents.

Because babies like to wear their toys in their mouths, choose the least allergenic fragrance toys, wood without paint or natural paint, cloth toys such as cotton. It is also important to regularly wash toys intended for children under 36 months, especially if your baby is teething.

Even if baby is ahead, be alert to indications age, size and weight, especially if the toys have selected the entries’ not suitable for children under 36 months “or” To be used under the supervision of an adult . The presence of the words consistent with safety requirements, ” CE ” and ” NF Petite Enfance ” is a safety and quality pledge. Finally, before use, be sure to comply with the manual and assembly instructions.

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