How to Build a Toy Box from Scratch

How to Build a Toy Box

How to build a toy box from scratch? Most children after playing have their items all over the area, so a bunch of time is conserved searching for things when all their favourite toys can be found in one main place when it is required.

A toy box gives an enclosed compartment where youngsters could have all their toys put safely for when prepared to be utilized.

It is extremely essential that as father and mothers as well as adults you aid your kids take care of their playthings by developing them a toy box. Plus it also produces a safer environment for everyone else in your home when the toys are maintained right where they must be.

How to Build a Toy Box from Scratch

You can not merely go right down to business and hammer away. The initial point you need to know on the best ways to build a toy box is to recognize the sort of playthings that the kids have.

You have to separate them correctly because some toys often be a lot more delicate than the others. Some are smaller sized while some might take up excessive room. Putting a group on the toys beforehand likewise allows you making a basic inventory of the toys the children already have.

What Tools and Materials are Required

Remember that as long as you really want the children toy box to be creative and also strong, you need to likewise keep in mind that a lot of the time the kids themselves would certainly be the ones to handle it. Safety and security preventative measures should be amongst the top of your top priorities when constructing one.

See to it that if you choose to make use of timber, the products is effectively ravelled to avoid stumps that can wound the youngsters hands and fingers. If you will certainly make use of metal, it would be very well to make use of those that are a little bit on the slim side so kids can quickly lug them around.

At least, below tools and materials are required in order to building your own toy box from scratch:

  • Tools: Drill, Hammer, Screwdriver, Saw (hand or circular), Tape measure, Spray paint, and other tools as you need
  • Materials: Hinges, Braces, Screws, Pieces of rope, Wood adhesive, Plywood and other materials as you need

Step By Step How to Build a Toy Box from Scratch

Making a toy box could be an enjoyable job, so adhere to the directions listed below and construct your very own toy box.

  • Step 1: Find out exactly how huge you want your toy box to be, this depends upon how lots of playthings you need to store or the number of you might have in the future.
  • Step 2: Use the tape measure to compute all the pieces baseding on the layout and also cut them out, to make the base, sides and also top of the toy box. After that make use of sand paper to smooth down the sides and edges so there is nothing to create scrapes or cuts, particularly because a lot of times a youngster will certainly be using the toy box.
  • Step 3: Use the drill to develop gaps in the wood piece of the box that will be the lid for the toy box, this hole will certainly be utilized for the lid takes care of.
  • Step 4: Apply several coats of polyurethane on the timber items inside out to make the wood brilliant as well as allow the timber to completely dry.
  • Step 5: Now it is time to assemble to assemble. Set out the pieces as well as start connecting the items with each other making use of braces and also the screws. Begin with the base and screw completions of the braces into it, and hook up the side items to the sides of the braces to develop the basic box structure.
  • Step 6: Connect 2 hinges to the rear end of the toy box, where the lid will certainly open. Organize it so the lid could be totally opened up. Sign up with the wooden item for the cover, so it flushes with the ends as well as sides of the box.
  • Step 7: Add timber glue to the edges and joints to include added strength and also assistance to the box. Make certain all the dust is gotten rid of from the surface area of the toy box.
  • Step 8: Tie overhand knots in the within of the openings in the cover for the rope manages and also there you have it.

Make sure that you likewise create risk-free joints for the box lids and sides. You can actually make use of ropes rather than nails. Need to you use bolts as well as screws and some steel joints, just make sure you select the ones that are ensured to be stainless. At the very least also if times wears out these products they would certainly not rust as well as bring a harmful toy box for the kids to utilize.

How to Build a Toy Box from Scratch

Final Tips On How to Build a Toy Box from Scratch

  • You could enhance the toy box with stencils if you desire, however this need to be done prior to the timber is covered with polyurethane.
  • Use softwood that is solid but light to construct the toy box. Timber that are not at risk to termites and decaying, the timbers that are recommended are pine as well as oak.
  • You could spray repaint the braces and hinges to include a different feeling and also colour to the various components of the toy box.
  • You can apply fabric to the toy box to give it a various feeling.
  • Cutouts could be made use of as the deals with for the position lid of the toy box as well, if you do not wish to utilize rope. The cutouts would certainly be made by a saw.


If you have developed a customized toy box on your own after that you are not visiting desire your ability to head to waste, so as opposed to binning it why not treat it so that it can last for as lengthy as possible. Something that you must remember before you build one is the type of wood that you are going to use. This will certainly confirm essential in toughness and for exactly how long that the wooden toy box lasts.

Now that you know how to build a toy box from scratch, you can have the desired toy box and figure that you want if you will just invest a bit of effort, time and money.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our tips on how to build a toy box from scratch!

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